Throwback Survey Results

We put up a survey for Throwback users to help shape the future of the leagues. Respondents entered their email and that allowed us to gather data in several different ways.

  • We were able to see what people wanted based on percentage of users. (Meaning each person’s survey counted once)
    • % of users
  • We were able to see what people wanted based on percentage of teams. (meaning a person with 10 teams had their survey counted 10 times)
    • % of teams
  • We were able to organize the polling based on league types those users play in.

We had to change certain things when we acquired Quest just to make the run more efficiently. This was more about finding what people want. We also did not want to change anything unless it was strongly desired.

I will round the results to whole numbers hereā€¦

Remove Kickers: 54% of users wanted to remove kickers, but 55% of teams didn’t want to remove kickers. This is clearly in the range that it isn’t decisive and we won’t be changing it for 2021.

Remove DST: People were mostly in agreement here. 57% of users and a whopping 69% of teams said to keep them. No change here.

Remove Divisions: People were mostly in agreement here as well. 49% of users said to keep them (this was a majority when accounting for those who answered “no opinion”) and 52% of teams said to keep them. No change here.

Add a required RB spot: Once again, agreement. 54% of users and 56% of teams said No. No change here.

Increase Roster: 59% of users and 69% of teams said to keep rosters as is. Decisively, no change.

Weekly Payouts: This wasn’t in the ballpark of close. 79% of users said to keep them. 86% of teams said to keep them. No change.

Here’s where it got a little more interesting.

Add a flex spot: 82% of users wanted an extra flex spot. 76% of teams wanted an extra flex spot. Given this, we will further analyze the data based on league type, but it’s likely many league types will add a flex spot for 2021. To break down further, The highest percentage of people wanted 1 extra flex spot by a good margin. The next highest wanted 2 flex spots. Only 14% of users and 20% of teams wanted no flexes added. That was beaten by both "add 1 flex" and add 2 flex" handily.

Waivers: This is one we had to change so we offered options. We realized this needed to change in 2019, but forgot until it came again this year. The current waiver setting forces us to go through in a couple days after the pre-season waiver run but before Week 1 ends and manually clear the waiver order in every single league. That is, of course, after going in and manually setting every order for the pre-season waiver run.

By User: 65% FAAB, 25% Rolling, 10% No Opinion
By Teams: 54% FAAB, 40% Rolling, 6% No Opinion

Clearly FAAB was the big winner. We’ll adjust that for next year. All our other properties use $1000. That is a number most people are used to as it’s one of the 3 most common amounts to use for FAAB so we will use that here as well.

Add an empire feature with progressive pot: This one surprised me. Especially by user. Users submitted 61% Yes, 23% No, 16% No Opinion. Going by teams, 44% said Yes, 38% said No, 18% had No Opinion. This was the one with by far the highest amount of "No Opinion" answers. Despite the closeness based on number of teams, it’s hard to ignore the 61% of users wanted it, and also the fact that only 23% of users didn’t want it.

We’ll add this. It doesn’t really change gameplay, so it’s barely a change. Teams generally would love to try and win the league twice in a row. The only thing that really changes is that a team may be less inclined to give up and rebuild as a reigning champ.

One thing that an empire pot has proven to do over time, especially the more years the pot builds, is help against turnover and people stick around to go after the pot if it grows enough. So that might be helpful for these leagues.

Not much change. Only the things people felt very strongly about.


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